A customer comment sparked this Mice Treatment Blog

A customer expressed concerns over Mice treatment options.   I always thank you for your comments and expressing yourself, it is important to me and  I want our customers to be satisfied.  If you are commenting, I am certain you are not the only one and others have similar questions.

The technique we use for mice is a tried and true service that has proven effective.
Mice are one of the most determined pests.  They can cause substantial damage to your home through nibbling electrical wires, starting fires.   They contaminate foods and surfaces through droppings and urinating where ever they feel like.

The professional takes into consideration a variety of factors such as number of droppings, how many seen? is it an ongoing problem and we want to make sure  to take care of the problem through a method that will not only work today but keep on working after we leave especially in an on-going type of situation.

Keep Mice Out of Your House for the New Year

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house...not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

Well... a Keep Mice Out of your New Year! mouse CAN fit in tiny gaps the size of the tip of a pen or pencil eraser.
A female mouse can produce 40 - 60 offspring annually!

How do I get rid of ants?

Ants are highly social insects, amazing the way they work together to provide whatever is needed.

Start by looking for what attracts them, sometimes they are looking for sweet things like jam, honey, or syrup.  Sometimes they are looking for something different.  Had a customer who called FRANTIC!  They had hundreds and hundreds of ants flooding over their 2nd story bathtub, coming and going.  The first thought is... they're after the water...BUT...there was a bottle hair conditioner on the tub that was covered by the was Protein Hair Conditioner...sometimes the ants are searching for protein.  United Pest Management removed the conditioner, eliminated the ants in the in the tub and the rest of the ants were history...

Start by eliminating the source and call the professional when it's a huge infestation, they have the knowledge and equipment to deal with it quickly.
United Pest Management

How to Pick a Christmas Tree without the bugs

Pick a Christmas Tree without bugs by following these simple steps:

Start by looking for a healthy strong tree, good color, uniform branches, in good shape.  Take a hold of a branch 6 - 7 inches from the tip.  Run your hand along the needles.  The needles should be resilient, not falling out, and not brittle.  Branches should bend not snap.  Tap the base of tree, a few needles falling out is common alot is not.

Termite Infested Fire Place Mantle - Have YOU had Your Home Inspected in the last 5 years?

This is a termite infested fire place mantle on a $400,000 home. That's not sawdust - thousands of termite larve.  A liquid treatment last 5 - 8 years on average.

Interested in a more Green Product for Pest Control?

Niban is Borate Based granular according to NIBAN it's formulated with a concern for the environment.
Proven superior attractants with a broad spectrum application. 
Granulars can be used in any type of weather:  Rain, heat, etc.
Won't breakdown in heat or sunlight and lasts up to 4 inches of rain.
Niban is considered a Green Pest Management (R) and is OMRI listed.

Wood Floor Built over Slab...Home for Termites!

Check out this picture on
A raised wood floor being built over a slab (concrete floor). Talk about creating a home for termites! They can live between the slab and wood floor going undetected, eating and destroying your home for years. This homeowner wanted to convert their garage into living space. Once the floor is in and covered by carpet termite detection can't easily be done without prying up a piece of the floor.

Final Chapter of Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

Adults can deposit approximately as much as 500 eggs and their life cycle can be 8 days so do the math that can turn out to be many, many after a very short time. 

The homeowners continued their due diligence sanitizing all surfaces, vinegar traps, fly swatters and used their mini fly lite compliments of UPM.  Then the professionals came in...United Pest Management checked the drains, and used a sort of 3 pronged approach treating multiple areas at once:  under the sink aerolsols, around the drains (organic), garbage areas.  They sprayed under stoves, refridgerator, around and along side of dishwasher, baseboards.  Hitting places they might land.  Changing trash cans also helped.    Treated indoor plants and tree's with soapy water.  Lovely thought they can lay eggs in any organic material including moist soil and kitty litter - so totally clean it and sanitize and don't be afraid to call in the professionals earlier.  They have tricks and tips they've been doing this a long time.

Within a day or two the population died away and the homeowners were very very happy.  We love happy endings.

How to get rid of fruit flies the saga continues

Sorry, got delayed in posting crickets were jumpin...    So we pickup about two weeks after first post.  The fruit fly population dwindled and the home owners relaxed their efforts and suddenly the flies multiplied by two or three-fold. The homeowners were determined to take care of it themselves and continued using all the methods and more. They were all over the place...upstairs bathrooms, plants, sinks, kitchen table attacking anything organic.  They are extremely quick moving and tiny.  They tried several other methods:  still used the cider method, red wine with soap drops, over-the-counter fly solutions (same thing as the vinegar or cider), they used the old fashioned fly swatter (but flies smartly landed on glass cups & places you couldn't swat.  Tried window cleaner on mirrors and bathroom counters (the smell attracted them but they quickly flew whenever sprays or swatters were near).  Also tried fruit cleaning spray (contains oil in it so helps slow them down).  The homeowners were constantly cleaning, washing trash cans, spraying lysol and using wipes all over the place.   All fruits and veggies were sealed and stored in the refridgerator.  Luckily they were busy and not eating home most nights.  The homeowners put up a good fight but the flies kept coming.

It reminded me of the movie Mouse Hunt...

Hairspray was my idea!  Spray hair spray on them while on the mirrors and counters of the bathroom and freeze them.  This worked but was a temporary solution.  Within a day or two they became resilient to the spray and could move after a few seconds.  So, spray and freeze them, then quickly wipe them up with a tissue and toss.   It helped but there must have been another source.

By the third week all these methods helped alot but the fruit flies were still around.
The homeowners were tired of battling them and called in the professionals.

Saga of the annoying pesky pest... fruit flies

Confronted with a bunch of little flies, the homeowner found an old banana peel and figured the problem would resolve itself.  A week later they are still fighting and the flie population doesn't see to be dwindling like expected.  The most popular home treatment listed was to put out small cups with a cider vinegar and soap solution.  Cover it with plastic wrap and poke small holes so when they fly in they would not be able to fly out.  This worked partially, they flew all over the cup but only a couple actually went inside.  When uncovered it worked better.

Even when the culprit banana was removed they moved onto other places to breed such as kitchen sink drains, any cup or piece of food in the sink. Next they were on window sills, door handles, paper towles, bathrooms, litter box, plants anywhere that had moisture or organic material. The problem is that fruit flies love organic materials like fruit, veggies, soil, anything old and rotting is especially enticing to them. Food prep became a difficult task to ensure everything was covered at all times.

The saga continues....