How do I get rid of ants?

Ants are highly social insects, amazing the way they work together to provide whatever is needed.

Start by looking for what attracts them, sometimes they are looking for sweet things like jam, honey, or syrup.  Sometimes they are looking for something different.  Had a customer who called FRANTIC!  They had hundreds and hundreds of ants flooding over their 2nd story bathtub, coming and going.  The first thought is... they're after the water...BUT...there was a bottle hair conditioner on the tub that was covered by the was Protein Hair Conditioner...sometimes the ants are searching for protein.  United Pest Management removed the conditioner, eliminated the ants in the in the tub and the rest of the ants were history...

Start by eliminating the source and call the professional when it's a huge infestation, they have the knowledge and equipment to deal with it quickly.
United Pest Management