How to Pick a Christmas Tree without the bugs

Pick a Christmas Tree without bugs by following these simple steps:

Start by looking for a healthy strong tree, good color, uniform branches, in good shape.  Take a hold of a branch 6 - 7 inches from the tip.  Run your hand along the needles.  The needles should be resilient, not falling out, and not brittle.  Branches should bend not snap.  Tap the base of tree, a few needles falling out is common alot is not.

When choosing a tree, inspect it carefully. Look for signs of aphids, adelgids, or other small insects. Be sure to examine the undersides of branches for eggs cases, cacoons, webbing and insects. Some adelgids appear as a dusting of snow - festive looking but not in your home.  Praying Mantis egg cases can be found on coniferous tree's.  Not a problem till the warmth of your home makes them hatch out early.  Look at the trunk, too – small holes with sawdust trails are a sign of bark beetles. Reject any tree that seems heavily infested with insects.

Before bringing the Christmas tree in the house, SHAKE IT VIGOROUSLY to dislodge insects and spiders. Check each branch for egg cases, and prune out any you find. You can do this at the tree farm too before they net it.

Enjoy your Christmas Tree without the bugs...