Monthly, Quarterly and Spot Treatments to suite your budget and needs. Every home is different. We develop a treatment plan to suite your individual needs.

United Pest Management would like to ensure your home is pest free from the spread of disease they carry and to control termites in and around your home that may cause damage to your most valueable possesion "your home". We are committed to providing prompt professional affordable service.


  • Full exterior applications extending as much as 4 feet up foundation walls and 4 feet out for all monthly and quarterly customers
  • Quickly knock down pests and provides long-lasting residual control
  • Communication with you about all treatments
  • non-invasive integrated pest management approach


  • Free inspection of crawl space, garage and foundation walls
  • Combination Bait and Liquid Systems
  • Full Liquid Application
  • Full Bait System
  • Spot treatments available


  • Fire Ant Treatments
  • Lawn and Ornamental Sprays
  • Moisture Control measures
  • Automatic Vent Installation and Replacement
  • Fly Light Systems for Restaurants and Businesses
  • Odor Control Units featuring popular scents such as jasmine, gardenia, cinnamon, pina colada
  • Mosquito options offering you one more line of defense without adversely affecting people or pets.


Are you losing the battle with fire ants?
They can inflict multiple painful stinging bites.  Did you know that 20 million people or more are bit by fire ants a year?  Americans spend more then $1 Billion a Year on Fire Ant Treatments.  Survey your lawn area.
If there are one or two mounds you could opt to treat it yourself.  If you are seeing more then a couple mounds we recommend a professional treatment especially if pets or children are outside.  Be careful approaching what might be a fire ant mound.  Fire Ants are extremely agressive and territorial. 
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