A customer comment sparked this Mice Treatment Blog

A customer expressed concerns over Mice treatment options.   I always thank you for your comments and expressing yourself, it is important to me and  I want our customers to be satisfied.  If you are commenting, I am certain you are not the only one and others have similar questions.

The technique we use for mice is a tried and true service that has proven effective.
Mice are one of the most determined pests.  They can cause substantial damage to your home through nibbling electrical wires, starting fires.   They contaminate foods and surfaces through droppings and urinating where ever they feel like.

The professional takes into consideration a variety of factors such as number of droppings, how many seen? is it an ongoing problem and we want to make sure  to take care of the problem through a method that will not only work today but keep on working after we leave especially in an on-going type of situation.

It is a common misconception that pest professionals can catch mice the way it's been portrayed on TV that same day. Mice have been around a long time and are very good at hiding and evading capture.   They have the ability to squeeze through tiny openings.

A bait will reach many more mice and if you cannot find an entry point or are hearing scratching in the walls the only way to reach them is with a bait.

 A lot of people like snap traps because you can see them being caught.  Catching one a day with snap traps is truly not effective because each female not caught has a production rate of every 3 weeks with an average of 6 - 8 in a litter and those will also be ready for reproduction in about 35 days. That’s why we choose the bait.