United Pest Management Business Alliance Rally

United Pest Management participated in the Women's Power Networking Business Alliance Rally on Saturday May 19th.  It was so much fun!  Great opportunity to meet so many business owners.  We enjoyed talking to people about how they could enjoy their home and yard and gave them tips on keeping ants at bay.  The big hit was the Pie (or perhaps it was the ants on top...)  

Green Grasshopper-Katydid - friend or foe

Sign of the times...I found this guy about 1 inch from my door knob entering the house.
Friend or Foe?  The reviews are mixed.  Why was he there?  so exposed?  Grasshoppers are responsible for a lot of crop
destruction going back to the 1800's.  They eat mostly grass, plants and cereal crops.  During periods of overpopulation they are known to destroy gardens, foliage, shrubs and tree's.  Katydid's stick mostly to shrubs and tree's and make a delicious snack for cats, birds etc.

Are you being bitten? Are termites eating breakfast lunch and dinner at your house? Tired of doing it yourself?

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Think all Fire Ant treatments are the same?

When using baits timing is crucial. Ants will only feed on baits when they are foraging. Baits must not get wet from dew or rainfall. UNITED PEST MGMT. preferes to use Top Choice from bayer. Top Choice is a fine granular insecticide. Safe around children and pets. Can be used anytime of year. Dew and rainfall improves control and also will last up to 365 days.  

United Pest Management mourns the loss of Don Streett.

Don passed away February 3, 2011.

Our resident ant expert, beloved husband and father.  He was an avid fisherman and hunter.  Always ready with a joke or story.  So full of life we will miss Don in ways we can't begin to count. 

If there were ant's in heaven....there aren't anymore!

Black Bugs found near christmas tree

One of our customers brought us an interesting speciment to identify.
At first we couldn't figure out what it was.  It look like a really slow moving insect.  Kind of like a black beetle but it had a very small body (shell) and longer spinkly looking legs.  We thought it was in the beetle or  weavil family. 

Turns out it was Cinara Aphids on the Christmas tree's. 
Large brown and black aphids that feed on conifer tree's including Fraser Firs and White Pines.  They are not harmful, they don't sting or bite.  The worst they do is leave a purple stain.  They appear as the tree begins drying out.

So if you saw any of these little darlings, the good news is that they should have left when the tree left.  If not, the Lady bugs will take care of them.  You can vacuum them up with the suction hose on a vacuum (don't use beeter bar as it may spread purple stains) and you can spray any indoor tree's with household insecticide spray or insecticidal soap.  Keep an eye out next year.

Buying or Selling a Home? Did you remember to get a termite inspection report? WDIR?

Buying or Selling a home?  Did you remember the termite inspection?  People may not realize that mortgage and re-finance companies require you to get a Wood Destroying Insect Report.  A fancy name for termite report.  This report must be completed by a qualified Pest Control Company that has been licensed to complete such reports.  Basically it's a snapshot of the home at the time of the inspection. 

The WDIR inspector will examine the outside of the home's foundation walls, piers and crawl spaces as well as the inside basements, garages and store looking for visible evidence of termite infestations or of previous infestations.  This information can sometimes influence a person's willingness to buy the home even if treated.

That's why we say "Did you remember to get the termite inspection?"  We recommend getting the termite inspection before the home inspection because it's cheaper and if there is a problem it can be addressed (treated properly) and a new report submitted in time for a proposed closing date.  Don't get blind sided the day or two before closing with termite findings.  Being pro-active lets you be in charge and allows you to make decisions without being rushed.

How to get rid of fruit flies

Fruit flies come from fruit you bring in from the grocery store or farmers market.  They will search out a water or food source, generally a sink or facet.  They can lay eggs on the fruit or in drains.

To get rid of fruit flies, eliminate the source.  Rippened fruit should be eaten, disgarded or refridgerated.

A home remedy:  Spray lysol or anything with Amonia D down sink drains and garbage disposal and put out cups of 2 part vinegar 1 part water.  The flies will be attracted to it and will drown in it.

Organic Pest Control - Does it really work?

Tell us what you think....ORGANIC PEST CONTROL does it really work? Those who have used it, give us your review of Organic Pest Control Pros and Cons.